Growth of "New Form" of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films Synthesized by Hot Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition


In this work, we report on next-generation hot wire chemical vapor deposition technique, we call it ceramics hot-wire CVD. Using a new concept of rectangular ceramics filament holder and "confinement of thermal radiation from the filament", a "new form" of polycrystalline silicon thin films has been developed at low temperature (˜ 250°C). The grains are found to be symmetrically distributed in array along the parallel lines, in (111) direction. On the surface of individual grains, "five-fold" and "six-fold" symmetries have been observed and we suspect that we developed "buckyball" type "giant silicon molecular solids" with different crystalline silicon lattice other than standard single-crystal silicon structure. We observed rarely found "icosaderal" symmetry in silicon thin films. This hypothesis has been supported by multiple Raman active transverse optical modes and the crystallographic structure analyzed by X-ray diffraction.


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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