Carrion beetles (Family Silphidae) were surveyed at 25 sites in southwestern Missouri during June and July of 2001. At each site, 4-12 pitfall traps baited with carrion were open for 24 nights. Total effort was 538 trap-nights, with average effort equal to 21.5 trap-nights per site. Seven species of silphids were recovered, including Nicrophorus marginatus, Nicrophorus orbicollis, Nicrophorus tomentosus, Oiceoptoma inaequale, Oiceoptoma novaboracense, Necrophila americana, and Necrodes surinamensis. Average species number per site was 3.82 (range 0-7). Average trapping success of all silphids at sites was 2.84 individuals per trap-night (range 0-12.5). The most abundant and widespread species were Necrophila americana and Nicrophorus marginatus, which occurred at 87% and 75% of sites, respectively. The endangered American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) was not recovered in this survey.



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