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This report describes results of the third year of a 3-year investigation of reproductive biology of freshwater mussels (unionoids). The first two years of this project focused on identification of hosts and on development of methods related to propagation of threatened species. In the third year of the grant we continued propagation efforts with Neosho muckets (Lampsilis rafinesqueana), and began propagation efforts with scaleshell (Leptodea leptodon). We also investigated the effects of chronic exposure to low oxygen on survival of juvenile Lampsilis. We plan to continue propagation of threatened species and investigations of the biology of juvenile mussels over the next three years, with continued support from U. S Fish and Wildlife Service and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)


Submitted to U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Missouri Ecological Services Field Office
Missouri Department of Conservation, Fisheries Division

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Barnhart, M. C. Fish hosts and culture of mussel species of special concern: Annual report for 2000. Springfield: Southwest Missouri State University, 2001.