Hospitality Industry Professionals' Perceptions of the Importance of Content Areas in the Finance and Accounting Curriculum


This study investigated the importance that professionals working in the hospitality industry attach to key areas taught in hospitality financial management and accounting as they relate to the success of hospitality graduates. It also sought to determine whether significant differences existed between various demographic subgroups based on industry segment, position, time in the industry, and educational attainment. A snowball sampling technique yielded 103 useable surveys. Analysis of the data indicated that practitioners did attach substantial importance to both financial management and accounting skills in achieving industry success. Of the two skill sets, they viewed financial management skills as more critical. There was a clear demarcation between those accounting areas more closely associated with operations and those linked to financial accounting. Analysis of the demographic subgroups identified differences in perception, but only a few of these rose to the level of significance.


Hospitality Leadership

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The Journal of Hospitality Financial Management