Annual strawberry systems in Missouri


Annual systems of strawberry production were investigated in southern Missouri. In 1996 'Tribute' had moderate total yield, and 'Tristar' had high total yield. Marketable yields and berry weights were low for both of these day-neutrals. In 1997 'Chandler' yielded better from early September planting compared to late September. In 1998 yields did not differ between early, mid, and late September plantings. Total yield of 'Chandler' was moderate in 1997 and high in 1998. Berry weight varied inversely, larger in 1997 and smaller in 1998. Crown number and harvest season length were not as high or long, respectively as obtained in the southeastern U.S. Total yields of 15 June-bearing strawberry cultivars ('Allstar', 'Delmarvel', 'Earliglow', 'Honeoye', 'Jewel', 'Lateglow', 'Latestar', 'Mira', 'Northeaster', 'Primetime', 'Redchief, 'Seneca', 'Surecrop', 'Sweet Charlie', 'Winona') were low to moderate in an annual system in 2001. Berry weights were greater than 'Tribute' and 'Tristar' but usually less than for 'Chandler'. Branch crown number varied depending on cultivar. Harvest season length averaged four and a half weeks as occurred for 'Chandler' in 1997. There was no benefit to carrying-over the 15 June-bearing cultivars for a second fruiting season in 2002. Productivity of 'Chandler' was less at Mountain Grove, MO than where it is better adapted. This is likely due to colder temperatures during late autumn and winter seasons. Day-neutrals are not recommended. 'Allstar', 'Chandler', 'Lateglow', 'Latestar', 'Northeaster', 'Primetime', and 'Sweet Charlie' were reasonably productive in an annual system under our environmental conditions.


Environmental Plant Science and Natural Resources

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Journal of the American Pomological Society