Strawberry cultivar performance in Missouri, 1997-1999


Sixteen June bearing cultivars and four New Jersey strawberry breeding program selections were evaluated for yield, disease incidence and plant density in south central Missouri during the 1997-1999 seasons. The production system used a 20 cm high raised bed and matted rows at 60 cm in row plant spacing with rows 1.5 m apart. The planting was cropped for three years and renovated following harvest after the second and third bearing seasons. The highest yielding cultivars were 'Annapolis', 'Cavendish', 'Chambly', 'Governor Simcoe', 'Honeoye', 'Marmolada', 'Primetime', 'Seneca', and 'Settler'. Berry weight for these cultivars was 10 g or more as a weighted mean with 'Cavendish' and 'Marmolada' the largest. All of these cultivars had plant densities of 90 crowns per m or more in 1997 indicating that they had vigorous runner production the planting year. Leaf spot (Mycosphaerella fragariae) ratings showed 'Marmolada' as being susceptible. Uneven fruit ripening was noticed on 'Cavendish'. 2


Environmental Plant Science and Natural Resources

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Journal of the American Pomological Society