Correlations Between Serum Concentrations of Leptin and Beef Carcass Composition and Quality


Steers (n = 84) of various genotypes raised under diverse management conditions from the 2001 Missouri State Beef carcass contest were used to evaluate the relationship between serum concentrations of leptin and beef carcass composition and quality. Serum and carcass data including hot carcass weight; adjusted 12th rib fat thickness; percentage kidney; pelvic and heart fat (KPH); marbling score; and USDA yield grades were measured at harvest. Leptin was correlated with back fat thickness over the 12th rib, yield grade, and marbling score (r = 0.35, r = 0.19, r = 0.26, P < 0.10; respectively), but not with hot carcass weight, ribeye area, or KPH (P > 0.10). Serum concentrations of leptin may be useful to objectively evaluate carcass composition in fed cattle and may provide a means by which carcass quality can be predicted in the live animal.

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Journal of Muscle Foods