A survey of budget-related planning and control policies and procedures


This article reports the results of a survey of budgeting practices of American manufacturing firms. It is based on the responses (27.4% response rate) from a systematic, random sample of all manufacturing firms listed on the files of Compustat. The survey instrument covered six sections: preparation of the planning budget, cost control procedures, performance reporting and communication, budget related procedures for overall company planning and control, administration of the budgeting system, and time dimensions of the planning process. Fifty variables were surveyed. While respondents generally indicated that they use recommended budgeting techniques, there were instances where the responses indicated otherwise. There appears to be significant resistance to incorporating such matters as statistical techniques and to developing feedback channels to get information from line managers regarding their feelings about the role they play in the budgeting process. On the other hand, formalization of the budgeting process is common. It might be concluded that a significant lag time exists between development and implementation of such ideas as statistical control procedures and the tools of human relations. © 1985.


Finance and General Business

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Journal of Accounting Education