Learning organization involves the entire work force


More than ever, employees must be able to learn and leaders must be able to teach. Organizations based on higher education, not higher technology, will gain market share and global competitiveness. It was employee development and involvement that led to changes and the ability to implement the strategy at Ford. Under Don Petersen's leadership, Ford created one of the most impressive employee education processes in industry. Jack Stack is president and CEO of one of the United States most successful small companies, Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC). On one hand, he clearly defines what task needs to be completed, establishes performance criteria, and measures and assesses results. Just as important, though, he augments this taskmaster attitude with sincerity and empathy for all employees. He truly respects his employees' abilities, and they know it. Tomorrow's leaders do not simply point out the path and charge up the mountain waiting for the troops to follow. An enlightened work force knows how to climb it.



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