Telemetry: an economical approach


Remote piloted vehicle projects used for low Reynold's number testing, have a need for multi-channel telemetry that contains high resolution, but low cost. Two approaches are discussed. The first utilizes an analog 8 or 16 input multiplexer, feeding a single analog to digital converter. This converter operates a universal synchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) for transmission. A receiver UART feeds a digital/analog converter. The D/A data are switched into a demultiplexer for channel outputing. Using frequency sharing of six frequency shift keying (FSK) subcarriers, 96 channels are possible. Since the transmission is a coded binary word, the data may be stored or microprocessed. Disregarding rf transmitter and receiver, the manufactured cost would be about 21 dollars per data channel. The transmit section of the 96 channel unit could be housed in 52 cubic inches. The second system contains voltage controlled oscillators, transmitted to frequency to voltage converters. This system has good resolution, but has storage difficulties and often is limited in channel capability. For applications needing less than 15 channels, this system could be manufactured for 300 dollars.


Technology and Construction Management

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Instrumentation in the Aerospace Industry, Proceedings of the ISAAerospace Instrumentation Symposium