An Examination of the Additive Versus Convergent Effects of Employee Perceptions of Fit

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This study examined additive effects of various types of person–job and person–organization fit. Although numerous studies have investigated the correlates of various fit types, little research has examined whether the effects of different fit types are additive or convergent. The effects of multiple fit perceptions on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intentions were examined. Results indicate additive effects of person–job and person–organization fit perceptions on job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The effects of person–job fit perceptions on turnover intentions were also additive. However, person–organization and person–job fit had convergent effects on turnover intention. Results indicate that managers must pay attention to various fit types for positive job attitudes and to reduce turnover.

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Scroggins, Wesley A. "An examination of the additive versus convergent effects of employee perceptions of fit." Journal of Applied Social Psychology 37, no. 7 (2007): 1649-1665.

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