Improving the Descriptors Extracted from the Co-Occurrence Matrix Using Preprocessing Approaches


In this paper, we investigate the effects that different preprocessing techniques have on the performance of features extracted from Haralick's co-occurrence matrix, one of the best known methods for analyzing image texture. In addition, we compare and combine different strategies for extracting descriptors from the co-occurrence matrix. We propose an ensemble of different preprocessing methods, where, for each descriptor, a given Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier is trained. The set of classifiers is then combined by weighted sum rule. The best result is obtained by combining the extracted descriptors using the following preprocessing methods: wavelet decomposition, local phase quantization, orientation, and the Weber law descriptor. Texture descriptors are extracted from the entire co-occurrence matrix, as well as from sub-windows, and evaluated at multiple scales. We validate our approach on eleven image datasets representing different image classification problems using the Wilcoxon signed rank test. Results show that our approach improves the performance of standard methods


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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Expert Systems With Applications