Outcomes Assessment: A Pilot Study


Outcomes assessment and continuous improvement are essential elements of educational programs. Emphasis on assessment is based primarily upon the requirements of accrediting agencies, but also on the perceived value of assessment in satisfying the demands for accountability in an increasingly competitive environment. Educational research has shown that measurement of educational outcomes can be used to inform an institution about educational goals that are being satisfied and those that are not. This information can motivate and direct efforts to improve curricula. This article describes a pilot study of the implementation of a Web-based (TrueOutcomes[C]) assessment process in a technology program and examines the effectiveness of the process in terms of student and faculty buy-in and whether the process produces useful data and reports for accreditation and continuous improvement. Three accrediting agencies were associated with this study. Two directly impact Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU) and the third was included because of its impact on the development and application of the software. These agencies and their impact are briefly described in this article.


Technology and Construction Management

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Journal of Technology Studies