Retention of Construction Teachers in Secondary Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the reasons construction teachers left the teaching profession in their first 5 years of service, or if they stayed, the dominant factors that caused them to consider leaving the profession and the factors that were causing them to remain in the field. The researchers created a survey instrument and collected data from teachers remaining in the profession and those that left the profession. Data revealed a significant difference in the retention rate of 2-year alternatively certified teachers and 4-year teaching degreed teachers. The 4-year teaching degreed teacher had a higher retention rate. The data also revealed the only significant difference in why 2-year certified and four-year teaching degreed teachers had considered leaving the profession was the 2-year certified teachers were considering leaving because of poor opportunities for professional advancement. Considerations of stayer teachers to leave the profession included low salary, inadequate support from administration, and student issues, especially discipline and poor motivation. Over 75% of the stayer teacher responses indicated that they stayed due to the enjoyment of working with the students and seeing student success in their field followed by teacher benefits and a strong teacher retirement program.


Technology and Construction Management

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construction education, teacher retention, teacher satisfaction

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International Journal of Construction Education and Research