A standardized model for the evaluation of machining coolant/lubricant costs

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coolant, lubricant, machining, tool life, tooling


Compliance with environmental regulations is becoming more and more costly for manufacturers as government scrutiny and global trade agreements become more stringent. Metal-cutting fluid use and disposal is a major concern as these environmental issues become more prominent. Gaining a clear understanding of the costs associated with machining coolant/lubricant use can be difficult. Many factors impact this cost, such as the original purchase price, maintenance costs, disposal management and fees, and performance factors related to the particular fluid. This paper develops a detailed cost and performance-based methodology for machining coolant/lubricant selection. A model by which to evaluate the relative impacts of coolant/lubricant decisions on the unit workpiece cost of production is described. At present, a widely accepted methodology is not available for this purpose. The model presented here will assist manufacturing companies of all types in making this critical decision.

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Hubbard, Kevin M., Richard N. Callahan, and Shawn D. Strong. "A standardized model for the evaluation of machining coolant/lubricant costs." The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 36, no. 1-2 (2008): 1-10.

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