Tendency to Conform: A New Measure and its Relationship to Psychological Reactance

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This study assessed the relationship between two important constructs in social psychology, conformity and psychological reactance, which are suggested to be negatively related, i.e., a person higher in the tendency to conform will score lower on psychological reactance and vice versa. The two constructs were measured by multi-item self-report scales, the Therapeutic Reactance Scale of Dowd, et al. and a new tendency to conform scale constructed for this study. Data from a survey of 423 undergraduate students were used to test the hypothesis that scores on the scales were negatively correlated. The hypothesized relationship was positively supported by a significant but only moderately sized correlation (r = -.32, p < .001).

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Goldsmith, Ronald E., Ronald A. Clark, and Barbara A. Lafferty. "Tendency to conform: A new measure and its relationship to psychological reactance." Psychological Reports 96, no. 3 (2005): 591-594.

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