A Framework for Analyzing Intraorganizational Congruence of Safety Practices on Safety Performance - A Pilot Study of Construction Subcontractors


Previous research has determined that improving employee congruence on organizational methods and goals leads to improved organizational performance. This research establishes a comprehensive framework of common and recommended safety practices that can be used for intraorganizational congruence data collection regarding safety practices. The research is also developing a method for congruence calculation and examine the congruence effect on the subcontractor's safety performance metrics through a pilot study. The established framework identified and organized 170 practices under seven conceptual, safety-practice categories. The congruence analysis and the pilot study revealed several areas of high and low congruency along with significant correlations between the subcontractors' intraorganizational congruence and their safety performance. According to these results, subcontractors are encouraged to improve, by increasing intraorganizational congruence using such frameworks and communicate their safety practices and goals effectively through the different organizational levels.


Technology and Construction Management

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construction safety, EMR, subcontractors, intraorganizational congruence

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The Professional Constructor