A Systematic Weighted Factor Approach for Curriculum Design


Curriculum revision and new program design efforts are typically started partly as a result of constituent input, such as that from industrial advisory boards, potential employers of graduates, recent employers of graduates, and alumni. This process is often performed on an ad-hoc basis with various constituents who express conflicting opinions. This study offers a more formalized approach to the decision making process applied to curriculum revision by using a weighted factor index method to remove much of the subjectivity. A new industrial engineering program has been developed four years ago with flexible, relevant, and practical curriculum. The proposed method is now used compare the curriculum decisions to reevaluate the curriculum. A sensitivity analysis is performed on the decision making process to determine the extent to which changes in weight assignment affect the final conclusion. It is found that by using this methodology, subjectivity may be minimized and rational decisions may be made during the conflict resolution phase of curriculum design or redesign.


Technology and Construction Management

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