Manufacturing Engineer-Manufacturing Technologist: Exploring the Similarities and Differences


Manufacturing companies within the United States continue to be faced with global competition. These companies rely heavily on a group of manufacturing professionals often referred to as "manufacturing engineers" to help them remain competitive. The present paper explores the data from a survey conducted through the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) regarding the roles and responsibilities of manufacturing professionals. This survey was prompted when SME noticed that many of its members carried the title of manufacturing engineer but were academically trained as manufacturing technologists. The present study distinguishes between the manufacturing engineer and the manufacturing technologist and explores the similarities and differences in roles, responsibilities, and technologies utilized by these two professional groups. In general, the study found no significant differences in the roles and responsibilities between the two groups. There were no significant differences in the technologies utilized. Conclusions drawn from the study can provide valuable input into curricular development for both schools of technology and engineering.


Technology and Construction Management

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The Technology Interface Journal