A Comparison of Professor and Student Viewpoints Regarding Attendance and Excused Absences


The manner in which professors administer attendance and excused absence policies and how students want the policies administered may differ. Although professors and students agree that makeup work policies should be designed to treat all students fairly, the way in which professors administer makeup policies may not afford equal treatment to all students. This study assesses and compares both student and faculty viewpoints regarding absenteeism and excused absences. More specifically, the study assesses and compares student and faculty awareness of existing university policies on excused absences, desire to have certain components concerning attendance integrated into course policy statements, perceptions of the need for and structure of course makeup policies, and perceptions as to the manner in which excused absence policies are and should be administered. Depending on the level of missed activity - assignment, quiz, or exam - college students' perceptions regarding acceptable circumstances for absenteeism are investigated and compared to professors' views and policies regarding those circumstances. Further, the extent to which academic policies are fair to both traditional and non-traditional students is examined. The findings of this research indicate that while some consistencies exist between student and faculty opinions, inconsistencies also exist. These inconsistencies may require greater focus by faculty and administration to minimize the undesirable outcomes such as discrimination against employed students or students with children that may occur as a result of faculty attendance and makeup policies. Based on the findings, implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.



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Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education