Java database connectivity using SQLite: A tutorial

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database, Java, programming, SQL, SQLite, tutorial


Java is one of the most popular programming languages world-wide, controlling everything from web servers to automobile engines. Additionally, relational database processing is a mission-critical activity for all types of organizations: business, scientific, educational, and governmental. However, educators and students often struggle to connect programs and databases in a simple and efficient manner. This tutorial presents an extremely straightforward framework for connecting a Java program with an SQLite relational database using any one of these three popular tools: Windows Command Prompt, TextPad, and Eclipse.A basic knowledge of Java is assumed, but no prior knowledge of the aforementioned tools or SQL is required for this tutorial. Upon completion of this tutorial the student will understand how to use these tools to connect a simple Java program to an SQLite database. Then the student will be ready to apply SQL and graphical user interfaces toward the development of sophisticated Java database applications.

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Johnson, Richard A. Java database connectivity using SQLite: A tutorial." International Journal of Information, Business and Management 6, no. 3 (2014): 207."


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