Enabling Discovery Based Learning in Construction Using Telepresent Augmented Reality

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augmented reality, visualization, construction engineering, educationLearning


Construction engineering students often complain about the lack of engagement and interaction with the learning environment. Notwithstanding, many instructors still rely on traditional teaching methods which include the use of chalkboard, handouts, and computer presentations that are often filled with many words and few visual elements. Research shows that these teaching techniques are considered almost obsolete by a many students specially those who are visual learners or team workers. Also, the influence of visual and social media has changed student perceptions and how they expect the instructional materials to be presented in a classroom setting. This paper presents an innovative pedagogical tool that uses remote videotaping, augmented reality (AR), and ultra-wide band (UWB) locationing to bring live videos of remote construction jobsites to the classroom, create an intuitive interface for students to interact with the objects in the video scenes, and visually deliver location-aware instructional materials to them.

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Behzadan, Amir H., and Vineet R. Kamat. "Enabling discovery‐based learning in construction using telepresent augmented reality." Automation in Construction 33 (2013): 3-10.

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