Is Your Business Sustainable? A Sentiment Analysis of Air Passengers of Top Ten U.S. Based Airlines


The airline industry has become an inevitable part of the lives of American passengers. Along with that, dissatisfying flight experiences have always been associated with this industry since the beginning. This qualitative research explores flight experience-related moments of truth in the minds of airline passengers as reflected in their comments shared on social media, namely Skytrax. In particular, this study utilizes sentiment analysis techniques to discuss negative, neutral, and positive sentiments regarding the top 10 US-based airlines according to US Department of Transportation statistics. Findings point that airline service complaints were related mostly to failures in the core service such as connecting flights, flight attendants, checked bags, mechanical problems, in-flight entertainment on long distance flights, ground staff, and customer service. What created the highest level of positive sentiments were the flight attendants, flight crew, and ground crew. Avenues for future research were suggested along with managerial implications.

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Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science