Measuring retail store service quality: The disparity between the retail service quality scale (RSQS) and comment cards


Comment cards are often used by retail stores to assess service quality at the point of service. This study compares the attributes and dimensions measured by retail store comment cards to the attributes, sub-dimensions and dimensions of the Retail Service Quality Scales (RSQS) recommended by Dabholkar et al. (1996). A content analysis of retail store comment cards reveals that all five of the RSQS dimensions are being measured in the retail industry, although with different attributes. Findings reveal that the comment cards do not include two RSQS sub-dimensions, convenience (physical aspect) and promises (reliability), and eighteen of the RSQS scale items. Further, comment cards measure attributes that are not captured by RSQS, including the friendliness and professionalism of the sales staff, check-out, delivery, loading and availability of service, price, selection, value, condition, usability, styling and preference of the product, and the location of the store facilities. As retail stores transition to electronic capture of service quality data, the study findings are equally relevant to electronic survey construction.



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Academy of Marketing Studies Journal