A method for investigating sense of community in construction management programs


The U.S. Construction industry has historically lacked diversity, specifically in respect to female and minority populations. This lack of diversity may limit organizational performance and hinder a firms' ability to fill employment needs with talented individuals. Undergraduate construction management programs can support the construction industry by attracting and retaining a diverse student population. Previous findings indicate that promoting a sense of community is an important factor in supporting underrepresented populations in construction programs. This study proposes a method for collecting and analyzing self-reported sense of community across a construction management program. A previously validated survey instrument was used to measure sense of community within a construction program and investigate differences between demographic groups. The findings provide baseline values for benchmarking sense of community and an investigation of differences in the reported sense of community between demographic groups. The method employed provides an effective means for investigating sense of community, identifying areas were corrective measures may be needed, and tracking the results of interventions over time.


Technology and Construction Management

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Diversity, Sense of community, Workforce development

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Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering