Developing maximum career potential in manufacturing technology curricula


This contribution reports the results of a national survey of manufacturing professionals concerning trends and educational needs in the competitive manufacturing environment. A variety of manufacturing professionals responded to questions relating to demographics, technology trends, and needed training. The survey explored the various manufacturing technologies and methods currently identified as being prominent and those expected to increase over the next decade. The study also included an analysis of the needs in continuing education for those currently working as manufacturing professionals. This article provides insights into curricular changes and strategies necessary to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing technology graduates. Recommendations for changes to academic courses, NAIT accreditation, and NAIT certification are included as methods for strengthening process improvement and efficiency skills. The survey and literature review also provide insight into the opportunities and advantages of technology programs and how these advantages can be used to maximize the career potential of graduates.


Technology and Construction Management

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Lean manufacturing, Management, Manufacturing, Six sigma

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Journal of Industrial Technology