Flow length measurement of injection molded spirals using a flatbed scanner


This paper describes the potential of using flatbed scanners for a wide variety of dimensional measurements critical in the manufacturing of parts. A detailed example is presented on the measurement of thermoplastic spiral specimens. Some researchers use a spiral mold as a benchmark to assess the flow optimization of injection-molded thermoplastics. The spiral's length is critical in determining optimization algorithms that control the temperature, pressure, and speed of injection. This paper describes a new method developed for the precise measurement of these molded spiral lengths using a common flatbed scanner and AutoCAD software. The researchers compared measurements taken with a flatbed scanner to that of a profile projector through a gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) study. Results of the study showed that flatbed scanners can be used to measure objects to an acceptable level of repeatability and reproducibility.


Technology and Construction Management

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Journal of Industrial Technology