IT-based capabilities, service innovation, and quality in health care


Rapid advancements in information technology (IT) and changing consumer requirements are forcing organizations to move from a product-based economy to a service-based economy. Tremendous opportunities await organizations that set themselves apart from their competition through service innovation. One industry which traditionally lags behind in the using IT to effectively deliver services is health care. Successful application of IT in health care could facilitate service innovation by creating new business models that redefine the traditional relationships between providers and patients. Increased data availability and transparency can bring data and process driven methods to improve health care service delivery. In this study, we examine theoretically and empirically the role of "service" in health care. Specifically, our research questions are: "what is the role of IT-based capabilities in health care facility performance?", and "what roles do service innovation and quality play in mediating the relationship between IT-based capabilities and health care facility performance?".

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Empirical study, Health care, IT-based capabilities, Process perspective, Service innovation, Service quality

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International Conference on Information Systems 2011, ICIS 2011