This descriptive study assessed teachers' attitudes about their formative supervision and the observational ability of principals through the constructs of teacher tenure status and gender. In sum, 255 teachers responded to an online survey indicating teachers' desired feedback focused on classroom climate, student engagement, and instructional strategies. Results indicated no discernible patterns in frequency and length to principals' formal and informal classroom observations based on teachers' tenure status or gender. However, non-tenured teachers were more willing to be observed and more positive about principals' feedback than tenured teachers. Non-tenured teachers were also significantly more positive about principals' feedback about student engagement which led to these teachers feeling encouraged about principals' observations. Female teachers were also more positive about principals' observations and feedback than male teachers; however, there were no significant differences between male and female teachers on the constructs measured.


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

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teacher attitudes, tenure, gender differences, principals, online surveys, feedback, response, classroom environment, learner engagement, teaching methods, educational strategies, classroom observation techniques, clinical supervision of teachers, teacher supervision, incidence, time on task

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International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation