Patterns of Self-Efficacy among College Students in Developmental Reading

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In this study, we investigated the self-efficacy beliefs and sources of self-efficacy among first-year college students placed in developmental reading courses. Students enrolled in developmental reading were compared to students who were not placed in developmental reading courses in terms of self-efficacy in various contexts and sources of self-efficacy. Results indicated that students in developmental reading courses had significantly lower levels of self-efficacy in academic and personal contexts than students in credit-bearing English courses. Differences for sources of self-efficacy were not statistically significant between groups when we controlled for sex and ethnicity. Students in both groups reported mastery experiences as most influential on reading self-confidence.

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Cantrell, Susan Chambers, Pamela Correll, Jane Clouse, Kimberly Creech, Sharon Bridges, and Danielle Owens. "Patterns of self-efficacy among college students in developmental reading." Journal of College Reading and Learning 44, no. 1 (2013): 8-34.

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