Library programming can be a highly effective means of connecting with a targeted audience. Programs can be tailored to specific themes, cultures, or communities to draw in audiences and turn them into library users. Gloria Tibbs, teaching and learning services librarian/diversity liaison at University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), and Grace Jackson-Brown, assistant professor of Library Science at Missouri State University (MSU), have found tremendous success with their programming efforts. Like many enthusiasts of annual cultural holidays, who make plans for those holidays on a year-round basis, these two librarians are hard at work in July making plans for their university's participation in the African American Read-In (AARI) celebration, which is traditionally held in February as part of Black History Month. Herein is a case study of how two academic librarians provide leadership in AARI projects of engagement by their universities that exemplify the universities' goals of diversity, literacy, and collaborative partnerships.


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