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Co-edited by Thomas Peters and Paul Durham, MSU faculty members, with contributions by numerous other MSU faculty.

The first section, “Regional History through the Mid-Twentieth Century,” recounts the conquest of the rugged Ozarks terrain (by railroad, automobile, and hydroelectricity) and the development of “big machine” industry. The second section, “From the Later Twentieth Century to the Present,” explores communication technologies in radio and television (which made Springfield, for a time, the epicenter of country music broadcasting in America); other themes include urban Springfield’s transition from an industrial to a service economy and the transformation of the “lake country” landscape through tourism. The third section, “The Twenty-First Century and Beyond,” celebrates the region’s successful wedding of technology and entrepreneurship, ensuring the Ozarks a place in the emerging global economy; also featured is “A Forum on the Future,” in which scientists, academicians, healthcare practitioners, men and women of business, and citizens of diverse backgrounds make their predictions—and say what they are doing, now, to ensure a hopeful future for Springfield and the Ozarks.

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MSU Faculty and staff who contributed to this volume are Rach,l Anderson, Christopher Barnhart, James Baumlin, Rachel Besara, Brooks Blevins, Lanette Cadle, John Chuchiak IV, Jim Combs, Chrsitopher Craig, Tom Dicke, Toby Dogwiler, Paul Durham, William Edgar, Lyle Foster, Tracie Gieselman-Holthaus, B. Colby Jennings, Allen Kunkel, Argelia Liga, Shannon Mawhiney, Robert Patterson, Thomas Peters, Susanna Reichling, Elizabeth Rozell, Clifton Smart, Lloyd Smith, Thomas Tomasi, and Kenneth Vollmar.

MSU students who contributed to this volume are Allee Armitage, Christopher Bono, Sarah Cain, Jasmine Crawford, Hans Erickson, Jacob Erwin, Hannah Fox, Cara Hawks, Arylle Kathcart, Jacob Miles, Arjo Mitra, Hanna Moellenhoff, Ledis Molina, Sarah Powell, Jennifer Probst, Austin Sams, Nicholas Stoll, Grace Sullentrup, Emma Sullivan, an Jesse Walker-McGraw.

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TechnOzarks: Essays in Technology, Regional Economy, and Culture