Submissions from 2021


Emotional Intelligence: Changes Over the First Year of Physician Assistant Education, Tracy Cleveland, Roberto Canales, and W David Carr

Submissions from 2018

Giant Cell Arteritis: 2018 Review, Anne Winkler and David true

Submissions from 2015


Emotional Intelligence: One Component in the HeART of Medicine, Roberto Canales and Tracy Cleveland

Submissions from 2011

Adult suicide. Early recognition of risk factors is key to prevention., Roberto Canales

Primary care sports medicine fellowships. Their importance in becoming a team physician., Brian L. Mahaffey

Submissions from 2010


Iron deficiency and overweight in a child exposed to methamphetamine in utero, Cynthia J. Heiss, Lynette R. Goldberg, and Nancy Dion


Admission variables as predictors of PANCE scores in physician assistant programs: a comparison study across universities., Rose Higgins, Sharon Moser, Amy Dereczyk, Roberto Canales, Gloria Stewart, Colleen Schierholtz, Ted J. Ruback, Jane McDaniel, James van Rhee, and Steve Arbuckle

Submissions from 2005


Hypothermia--potentially deadly year round., Ralph Rice

Submissions from 2002


The Use of Race and Ethnicity in Clinical Case Scenarios, Roberto Canales and Marylou Stevens