Theses from 2019


The Politics of Federal Environmental Policy: An Analysis of Six West Virginia Counties, Hannah O'Keefe

Theses from 2015


The Effect of Student Characteristics on Leading Indicators of Academic Success, Monica Marie Horton

Theses from 2008


Emergency Management: A Case Study of the Springfield-Greene County, Missouri Ice Storm, Carmen Parker Bradshaw


Seeking Neo-Bohemias in Mid-Sized Cities: The Case of Springfield, MO., Evangelia Petridou Daughtrey


Nonprofit Board Composition and Overall Organizational Effectiveness, Kathryn Ellen Hammock

Local Tax Initiatives as a Funding Source for Children's Mental Health, Marie E. Swope

Theses from 2007

Sniffles, Immigration, and Lunch: New Security Threats, Anthony L. Buttacy

Theses from 2005

The Mazmanian-Sabatier Implementation Framework Examined: an Application to Storm Water Policy, Marie Elizabeth Beckmann Hatlelid

Theses from 2003

For-Profit Or Not-For-Profit?: An Empirical Analysis Of The Rural Hospital Conversion Process, Sheila A. Mitchell

Theses from 1997

Seeing People: Policies And Perceptions That Impact Health Care Equal Communication In Springfield, Missouri, Chris Raymond

Theses from 1995

Federal Bureau of Prison Wardens' Correctional Orientation to Rehabilitation, Mary Lynn Kinkade

Theses from 1993

Children At Risk: Child Health in America, Melissa Beach Haddow

Executive Regulation of Abortion During the Reagan-Bush Years, Tracy A. Weitz

Theses from 1992

Evaluation of Diagnosis Related Groups: Impacts on Cost and Patient Care, Edward Ray Barber

Theses from 1991

Federal Government Recruiting: a Comparative Study of the Public and Private Sectors, Sandra M. Crews

Education: a Necessary Investment For Economic Success, Tracey M. Elmore

Competition Vs. Regulation in the Health Care Market: Approaches to Cost Containment, Joan Kathryn Twiton

Theses from 1988

Opportunities For Career Advancement in the Public Sector: an Analysis of the Views of Frontline Supervisors in Missouri Merit Agencies, Wilma Jean Kinder

Theses from 1987

Multihospital Systems Wave of the Future in Healthcare, Jesus Alvaro Garcia

Theses from 1986

A Study of Unionization in the Field of Nursing, Shirley Jeanne Eckert

Theses from 1985

A Planner's Dilemma: Hostile Public Opinion and Land Use Planning in Rural Southwest Missouri, Andrew A. Hair

Theses from 1984

Bureaucratic and Ethnic Pluralism: the Nigerian Experience, Amaefule Santiago Uchegbu