Theses from 2015


A Descriptive Study on the Perceived Impact of Technology in Instrumental Music Classrooms, Jena Marie Ingram


An Examination of the Relationship Between K-8Th Grade Teachers' Level of Technological Literacy and Their Perceptions and Integrations of Educational Technology, Emily Beth Norris

Theses from 2014


An Investigation of the Efficacy of Multimedia Glosses in Incidental Efl Vocabulary Learning and Retention Through Playing an Online Hidden-Object Game, Emad Ahmad Alghamdi


A Study of Technology Support as a Barrier to Classroom Technology Integration By Faculty Members At Missouri State University, Larry Lee Dudley


A Qualitative Case Study Examining the Equivalency of Two Online and Face-To-Face Graduate Literacy Courses, Amber Kay Howard


Effects of Self-Paced, Computer-Assisted Instruction on the Behavior Choices of At-Risk Students in a Suspension Program, Christie Jean McElhinney


A Causal Comparative Study of the Impact of a Multi-Age/Grade Class on First and Second Graders Growth in Reading and Spelling, Iyshia Shanice Smith


A Qualitative Study on the Effect of Technology-Based Student and Faculty Interactions on Nontraditional Student Persistence, Johna Patrice Walsh

Theses from 2013


Learning on the Go: a Study of the Qualities of Experience For Educators and Learners Using Itunes U, Brad Stewart Mitchell

Theses from 2012


Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Their Literacy Practicum Experiences, Jenna Victoria Laughlin

Theses from 2010


An Investigation of the Use of Various Interactive Instructional Methods in Level Two High School Latin Classes, Maegan Krystel Cooper


A Mixed-Methods Study of the Impact of Cued Spelling on Student Achievement and Attitudes Toward Spelling, Brandon Salsman


Examining the Aspirations of Language Education: a Qualitative Study on Teacher Philosophy Related to the Integrated Performance Assessment, Cole Steven Trent

Theses from 2009


A Causal Comparative Study of the Connection Between Kindergarten Reading Scores and Perceptual-Motor Instruction, Beth Taira Bridges

Aural skills in high school music students, Molly E. Healey


A causal comparative study to investigate the impact of the guided reading plus framework with kindergarten students|, Abby Nicole Lowe


A Study Of International Students' Perceptions Of Online Courses, Caroline Mulia

Theses from 2008


The Impact of Vocabulary Concept Strategies on Third Grade Students' Science Achievement, David S. Brown


A Qualitative Case Study Investigating Multiple Processes of Adaptation With One Hispanic College Student in Southwest Missouri, Daisy Barron Collins


A Study of the Impact of the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Model on Third and Fourth Grade Reading Scores, Elizabeth Nicole Range


A Mixed Design Examination of the Attitudes of Seventh Grade Males Toward Technology-Enhanced Reading Instruction, Victor Sheets


Frequency of Academic Dishonesty Among Students From Elementary to Post-Graduate Levels, Jana M. Thomas

Theses from 2007

Current Use and Perception of Handheld Technologies in Radiation Therapy Education, Benjamin J. Morris

Theses from 2006

The Rites of Passage of Gifted Adolescents: an Examination of Folk Narrative, Zachary J. Carnagey

Theses from 2005

A Quasi-Experimental Study to Determine the Effects of Daily Free-Reading on Sixth-Grade Students' Reading Lexiles, Linda M. Grigsby

A Study to Determine the Effect of the Arkansas Comprehensive School Reform Model on First-Grade Students' Self-Regulation Skills During Writing, Janelle Hintermeister-McBroom

Theses from 2003

A Case Study Exploring the Use of Evocation to Enhance the Reading Comprehension of Special Needs Students in the Fifth Grade, Shirley A. Gregory

An Investigation of the Use and Effect of Literacy in Industrial Technology Curricula, Zach McMains

A Qualitative Case Study To Determine Third Grade Students' Perceptions Of How Graphic Organizers Impact Their Reading Comprehension, Linda Noble

A Mixed-Design Study Investigating the Benefits and Perceptions of a Teacher-Guided Summer Literacy Program, Amber J. Strader

Theses from 2002

Comparing Foreign Language Anxiety In American Students Taking A Foreign Language With Bulgarian, Chinese, And The English Language Institute Students Learning English As A Foreign Language, Melissa Ames

A Quasi-Experimental Study to Determine the Effect of Daily Oral Language on First Graders' Editing Skills, Kayla Lewis

A Descriptive Study on the Use of Balanced Literacy in First Grade Classrooms in Southwest Missouri, Lisa Rose

A Descriptive Study Investigating the Role of Classroom Placement in the Education of Twins, Lesley Rowland

A Case Study Investigation Of Fourth Grade Students Attitudes Toward The Writing Process With The Use Of Computer Technology, Kim Taylor

Theses from 2001

Overcoming Adversity: a Case Study of One Individual's Struggle to Pass the Ged, Joe Millsap

Theses from 1999

A Comparison of Reading Achievement Between Computer-Assisted Instruction and Traditional Instruction, Mami Osaki McCraw

Theses from 1998

Incorporating the Show-Me Standards in the Communications Arts Classroom Using Writing Portfolios, Kim Chism Jasper

Theses from 1996

Determination of the Factors Which Influence Parents to Send Their Children to Catholic Secondary Schools, D. Katherine Seastead

Theses from 1991

A Survey of the Current Status of the Literacy Efforts of Missouri Newspapers, Therese M. Mackey

Theses from 1990

Context-Free Word Recognition of Skilled and Less-Skilled Spellers, Bruce A. Murray

Theses from 1988

Bibliotherapeutic Curricular Model Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs For Grades 4-6, Nancy A. Triplett

Theses from 1987

A Study of the Differences in Achievement of Males and Females in High School Mathematics, Clara L. Brake

Evaluation of a College Reading Course By Comparing Grade Point Average and Attrition Among College Freshmen, Rhonda Elaine Penn

The Current Status of Business Education Computer Hardware and Software Availability in Southwest Missoouri Public High Schools, M. Jean Steinhauer

Theses from 1986

The Preparation of Teachers of English in Southwest Missouri, Jo Etta Harnden

Theses from 1984

A Study For the Prediction of Success in a College Algebra Course, John Kurt Killion

Theses from 1983

Utility of Phonic Generalizations in the 1980 Series R Macmillan First Grade Reader, Mary Jo Allen

A Study of the Perceptual Learning Styles of Fifth and Sixth Grade Remedial and Non-Remedial Math Students, Janice E. Hemen

A Correlational Study of the Relationship Between Cloze Procedures and Standardized Reading Tests For Intermediate Grades, Kent Layton

The Springfield Symphony From 1934 to 1983: Its Founding, Musical Growth, and Musical Activities, Starla Michael

Types of Poetry Written By the 1983 Young Authors, Angilee F. Neher

The Relationship Between Usage of Video Games and Aggressive Behavior in Children, Stella Jean Sullivan

The Compared Level of Musical Achievement of Instrumental and Choral Students, Claude Randal Westfall

Theses from 1982

A Study of Teachers' Opinions Toward and Knowledge of Rural Gifted and Talented, Janet M. Hawkins

The Use of Four Reading Tests For Classroom Reading Placement, Diana Sharp

The Relationship Between Use of Characters and Authors' Sex in the 1982 Young Authors Manuscripts, Nancy K. Steury

The Investigation of Writing Topic, Type and Style Choices of the 1981 Southwest Missouri State University Young Authors, M. June Turner

Theses from 1981

A Study of Gifted Programs in the State of Missouri and the Philosophies of Their Faculties, Judith Holden Dixon

A Study of the Relationships and Differences Between Students' Scores on Two Individually Administered Reading Tests (Ari and Drs), Peggy Gifford

A Study of the Reading Interests and Attitudes of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Gifted Children in the State of Missouri, Renee Close Goostree

The Relationship Between Post Graduate Study and Teacher Opinions Toward the Teaching of Reading, Rita A. Macy

A Study of the Relationships and Differences Between Students' Oral Reading and Listening Comprehension Performances, Lorene Meador

A Study of Effects of Instruction Using the Cloze Procedure on the Reading Comprehension of Fifth and Sixth Grade Students, Virginia L. O'Neal

A Study of Spelling Ability as a Predictor of Reading Achievement of Selected Elementary Students, Nancy L. Pusateri

Self-Concept and Reading Achievement in a Foster Care Group Home, Nancy Steffen Rahmeyer

A Study of the Differences and Relationships Found Between Students' Performances on Two Oral Reading Tests, Jackie Rainey

The Effect of Sentence Combining Instruction of Language Experience Stories Upon Paragraph Comprehension, Jan Tagtmeyer

A Study of the Relationship Between Students' Scores on the Best and Reading Achievement, Jane Wehrman

Theses from 1980

A Study of Cloze Procedure Variables and Standardized Tests as Predictors of Reading Achievement, Ann Haszelbart

A Comparison of Scores of Maternal-Child Nursing Students With Classroom and Clinical Instruction Concurrent and Nonconcurrent, Retha Ketchum

A Study of the Reading Interests of Fourth-Grade Boys and Girls, the Content of a Fourth-Grade Basal Reader, and the Relationship of Interests to Comprehension of the Content of the Basal Reader, I. Marie Markstrom

The Use of Readability Formulas By Classroom Teachers in Southwest Missouri, Michelle Moore

A Comparative Study of British and American Teachers' Views of the Effective Characteristics For Teaching Reading and Its Area of Development, Vicki Parsons

Theses from 1979

A Hearing-Impaired Child in the Mainstream: a Case Study, Norma J. Chapman

A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Future Needs of Ert Services in a Rural Southwest Missouri Area, Kathleen Gilmore

The Seven Arts Magazine, 1916-1917: a Study of Van Wyck Brook's Essays and Their Relationship to Editorial Policy, Elizabeth Ann Hicks

An Evaluation of English 101, Reading Development, At Evangel College, Rebecca Kelly Huechteman

A Study of Secondary Classroom Teachers' Opinions Toward Mainstreaming E.M.R. Students, Tamara Ann Hugger

Importance of Self-Concept in Kindergarten Children, Patti A. Lane

A Study of Elementary Social Studies Textbook Selection Guidelines: Their Importance as Perceived By Elementary Principals and Their Relationship to Reading, Yvonne Overstreet

A Comparison of Standardized Oral Reading Test Scores and Standardized Informal Reading Inventory Results, Carol Powell

The Relationship Between the Prereading Abilities of Preschool Children and Their Home Literary Environments, Catheryne R. Roeder

Theses from 1978

A Study of Articulation Ability and Other Selected Variables as Predictors of Reading Achievement of Selected Elementary Students, Alberta J. Brock

A Study of the High School Choir Rehearsals and the Conductors' Relationship to the Rehearsal, Barbara Ellen Buffington

A Learning Center Model For the Individualization of Reading Instruction, Dolores A. Gore

The Relationship Between the Amount of Television Watched and the Reading Achievement Scores of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Students, Ann A. Hunt

A Design For Kindergarten Learning Centers Based on Research in Reading Readiness, Learning Theory, and Learning Centers, Susan Haymes Moran

Teaching First Grade Vocabulary Words By Using a Combination Method: a Case Study, Janelle F. Nimmo

A Study of the Effects of Instruction Using the Guided Reading Procedure on the Reading Comprehension of Eighth-Grade Students, Patricia A. Rush

A Study of the Variables Self-Concept, Vocabulary, Intelligence, and Sex as Predictors of Reading Comprehension, Mildred H. White

Theses from 1977

Corporal Punishment, G. Dean Anders

Investigation Into Water Quality and Engineering Problems Associated With the Development of Springfield, Missouri, Including a Teachers Guide For Tracing Underground Drainage Systems Such as Jones and Sequiota Springs Using Fluorescein Dyes, James W. Massello

A Study of the Correlation Between Teacher Judgement of Reading Readiness and the Results of a Standardized Reading Readiness Test, Marilyn Sue Massey

A Content Analysis of Three Readiness Programs With Regard to Important Reading Readiness Factors, Doris Mae Pope

A Study of the Effects of Direct Instruction in Paradimatic Language Responding on the Reading Skills of Fifth-Grade Students, Mary McCallon Rhodes

Effects of Behavior Modification Techniques on Student Behavior and Reading Achievement, Joann Ryan

A Comparative Study of the Relationship of Class Scheduling and Reading Achievement For Two Groups of Eighth-Grade Remedial Reading Students, John R. Stauffer

Classroom Teacher, Parent, and Student Opinions, and Their Relationship to Achievement Gain in Remedial Reading, Pauline Elizabeth Stoeger

Theses from 1976

Cloze as a Technique For Improving Comprehension, Janet Keller