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Arbovirus, Salivary proteins, Vaccines, Vector-borne


The saliva of hematophagous arthropods contains a group of active proteins to counteract host responses against injury and to facilitate the success of a bloodmeal. These salivary proteins have significant impacts on modulating pathogen transmission, immunogenicity expression, the establishment of infection, and even disease severity. Recent studies have shown that several salivary proteins are immunogenic and antibodies against them may block infection, thereby suggesting potential vaccine candidates. Here, we discuss the most relevant salivary proteins currently studied for their therapeutic potential as vaccine candidates or to control the transmission of human vectorborne pathogens and immune responses against different arthropod salivary proteins.

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Olajiga, Olayinka, Andrés F. Holguin-Rocha, Meagan Rippee-Brooks, Megan Eppler, Shanice L. Harris, and Berlin Londono-Renteria. "Vertebrate Responses against Arthropod Salivary Proteins and Their Therapeutic Potential." Vaccines 9, no. 4 (2021): 347.

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