Selection of aluminum alloy for casting defectless thermoforming molds using green sand foundry technology- An experimental approach

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Aluminum Casting Alloys, Aluminum Molds, Green Sand Casting, Thermoforming process


Vacuum foaming and thermoforming molds have been used worldwide. The quality of thousands of products depends on the surface finish of the cast and machined molds. Also the cost and time required to make individual molds affects the manufacturing line badly. Various aluminum casting alloys exist for making the molds, and a successful choice adds value to the mold versus diminishing the mold properties. Common aluminum casting alloys like A356, A295, EN AB 21000, EN AC 46600, ADC12 etc. have been used experimentally for few years and their properties have been observed for defectless casting. It has been found that some alloys provide sound and defectless casting but their property deteriorate during application. A356 alloy was found to create shrinkage defects at junction points although the gating design was completed by simulation software. EN AC 46600 alloy is found to contain porosity, blowholes and shrinkage. One alloy stands out, A295 and has been selected in terms of defectless casting and post machining applications.

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Al Shafe, Abdullah, Sabila Kader Pinky, and Cynthia K. Waters. "Selection of aluminum alloy for casting defectless thermoforming molds using green sand foundry technology - An experimental approach." Presentation at Materials Science & Technology Conference and Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio, October 14 - 18, 2018.

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