DNA template-assisted inhibition of tyrosinase activity

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DNA-templated synthesis, Enzyme inhibition, Tyrosinase


Enzyme-mediated polymerization reactions have been widely studied in the context of DNA template-assisted reactions. We have recently highlighted the ability of DNA templates to modulate enzyme-catalyzed single-step transformations. In this work, we focus on the intramolecular transformation of L-dopa catalyzed by enzyme tyrosinase and report a novel role of DNA templates in inhibition of the enzyme. The kinetics of mushroom tyrosinase monitored by UV-visible spectroscopy reveals significant decrease in the enzyme's efficiency in the presence of short double-stranded DNA molecules. KM of tyrosinase is found to increase by nearly 1.8-fold, implying a lower affinity of the enzyme for L-dopa, whereas Vmax is only marginally affected. The mode of inhibition is assessed to be a mixed mode with kinetic constants of inhibition in the micromolar range. Further, in the presence of cinnamic acid and DNA duplexes, the KM of tyrosinase increases nearly 3.5-fold, whereas Ki and Ki' are lowered by an order of magnitude. These results are a corollary of the known influence of substrate-template interactions and greater local substrate concentrations on enzyme activity and expand the paradigm with respect to use of DNA templates in enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

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Chilka, Pallavi, Sarah Phillips, and Bhaskar Datta. "DNA template-assisted inhibition of tyrosinase activity." International journal of biological macromolecules 79 (2015): 278-283.

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