Charting The Quest Of Demian Through The Medium Of Interpreters Theatre

Date of Graduation

Summer 1973


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Leslie Coger


It was the purpose of this thesis production to discover if the genre romance can be adapted into a successful Interpreters Theatre performance. The performance of Demian proved that many romances can be adapted successfully. The pre-performance study included in the body of this thesis showed that the criteria suggested by the texts on Readers Theatre need only be slightly revised to deal effectively with romances like Demian. It is only necessary that the adapter recognize this genre for what it is and treat it accordingly for it to be adaptable. The elevated language, symbolic characters, internal action and abstract setting of most romances make them very well suited to this medium of performance. The romance is perhaps better suited to Interpreters Theatre than is the novel where realistic characters, setting, and extensive physical action render difficult the kind of abstraction that Interpreters Theatre deals with so successfully. Contents: Interpreters theatre and the genre romance -- Selection and literary analysis -- Selection -- Literary analysis -- Demian and the mode of romance -- The quest -- Adaptation -- Point of view -- Scenes and characters included -- Dramatic analysis -- Plot and structure -- Style -- Theme -- Mood and color -- Line -- Character analysis -- Sinclair -- Demian -- Narrator -- Frau Eva -- Kromer -- Alfons Beck -- Pistorius -- Directing and staging -- Directing -- Staging -- Focus and movement -- Movement -- Costumes -- Lighting -- Set design -- Evaluation -- The script -- The performance -- Summary -- Appendixes -- A. Script of Demian -- B. Floorplan of Demian -- C. Photographs of Demian.

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Theatre and Performance Studies


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