Thesis Title

Establishing A Theatrical Arts Program For Children On A United States Army Post

Date of Graduation

Spring 1999


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Robert Bradley

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


U.S. Army service members' children are confronted with continuous relocation. For this reason, many army posts have established family oriented services which cater to some of the needs unique to army dependent children. Many posts provide families with programs provide families with programs such as scouting and sports; however, there are no child participatory theatrical programs available to all installation children. This thesis reports the methodology used in establishing "Children in Theatre," a theatrical arts program at Fort Leonard Wood U.S. Army post. The purpose of the thesis is four-fold: first, familiarize others who will continue the program; second, encourage continued dialogue about theatrical programs for children on Fort Leonard Wood; third, blue print possible avenues for other army installations; and fourth, argue for the needs and benefits of theatrical programs for military dependent children. In spite of working through a system fraught with stifling government regulation and decrements in Department of Defense spending, the researcher concluded a highly successful and beneficial child participatory theatre is achievable.


© Rebecca Diane Montgomery