Thesis Title

Social Links

Date of Graduation

Fall 2013


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Richard Neumann


relationships, fiction, short stories, narratology, metafiction

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


Social Links is a collection of four short stories that examines human relationships by means of content and supporting narratological theory and techniques. "The Brilliant Green” looks at a long-running relationship that finally gains the potential to change. "Three Dates Until You Die” is about the establishment of a new relationship, with all the benefits and dangers that can arise as result. "A Day at the Dairy” employs the narrative strategy of metafiction in order to parody the way the mass media depicts the relationship of childhood friends. "I Do Not Want to Talk About My Dead Sister” examines a relationship that has long since ended, but is nonetheless stunting one girl's ability to accept her sister's death and form new relationships. These stories demonstrate that a variety of narratives require a variety of narrative techniques, as no two works of fiction – like no two relationships – are the same, and must be approached differently in order to be successful.


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