Date of Graduation

Spring 2015


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Michael Czyzniejewski


This thesis is an attempt to capture through a novel the contradictory feelings of loss and hope the Millienial generation is experiencing as once-great institutions in the U.S., such as print journalism, are overcome by the rapid expansion of an increasingly connected, digital society. My thesis is the first six chapters of my novel, Death of a Journalist, and lays the foundation for the conflict between the past and the present the protagonist endures throughout the rest of the work. By focusing on the protagonist's inability to leave his own past and the dying newspaper at which he works, I hope to convey the sense of loss felt by a transitional generation whose job is to shed the weight of the past and usher in a new, modern era. My objective was not to speak for an entire generation, but to add to the discussion of the complex, symbiotic relationship our present and future moments have with our pasts.


journalism, past, loss, generation, hope

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English Language and Literature


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