Date of Graduation

Spring 2015


Master of Science in Athletic Training



Committee Chair

Tona Hetzler


Interprofessional collaborative practice (ICP) has lent itself as a promising solution to providing healthcare in the face of a health care system that is becoming increasingly complex. Much literature exists on this topic in health and social care, but limited information is available in regards to the profession of athletic training. The goal of this research was to develop and perform reliability testing on the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Assessment for Athletic Training (ICPAAT). This instrument would help to assess if ICP is currently being integrated in athletic training practice. It was hypothesized this would prove to be a reliable instrument, and this was verified. Although the ICPAAT instrument does prove to be reliable as proven by this research, it is believed that continued work needs to be done in order to revise the instrument before distributing it for research purposes. Revisions could include clarification of definitions, revision of the questions themselves (specifically year ranges included), or modification of questions to include scenarios. Once modifications are completed, this instrument has the potential to provide a base for ICP research in athletic training in the future.


interprofessional practice, multidisciplinary, multiprofessional, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary

Subject Categories

Sports Sciences


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