The Global War on Terrorism in the Context of Great Power Politics

Date of Graduation

Spring 2005


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

William Van Cleave


The twenty-first century has seen an increase in threats of terrorism. Many of these threats have been directed at the United States by Islamic fundamentalists. In the aftermath of September 11, the United States has declared war on international terrorism. The United States has described this war as a war against terrorist groups with a global reach; however, the actions of the United States indicate that this is a war against Islamic fundamentalists, extremists, and radicals. The Global War on Terrorism has allowed the peer competitors of the United States to gain concessions from the United States and, second, how the Global War on Terrorism has affected Russia and China. The thesis mainly concentrations on Russian and Chinese participation in the war on terrorism and concludes by evaluating the effects of the GWOT on Russia and China.


terrorism, influence, Islamic, war, preeminance

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


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