The Expansionistic Aspirations Of The People's Republic Of China

Date of Graduation

Spring 2006


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

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Bradley Thayer


The People's Republic of China (PRC) has undertaken and aggressive military modernization program in Asia over the past decade. Although the PRC claims that its development is peaceful, the PRC's growing economy, fierce territorial claims, and strategic deception are allowing the PRC to use its political ties to forge agreements around the world in order to force the United States out of a dominant position in Southeast Asia. The key to this expansionistic rise for the PRC is the island of Taiwan. Taiwan is critical to the balance of power in Asia. The PRC is moving to forcibly take Taiwan in an effort to secure the Chinese Communist Party's rule over mainland China and to embarrass the United States militarily. The power transition in Asia will have devastating effects for the United States and will catapult the PRC into a position of regional and eventual global power. Many U.S. policy makers are still unaware of the intentions of the PRC and are failing to react quickly to respond to the threat of PRC aggression. The United States must recognize the challenges posed by a rising PRC by improving the military capabilities of Taiwan, strengthening U.S. military capabilities in the Pacific, and continuing to utilize alliances in Asia in order to engage and contain the PRC.


China, PRC, U.S. foreign policy, PLA, military modernization

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Defense and Security Studies


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