The Two Capitals of Islam

Date of Graduation

Fall 2006


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

William Van Cleave


Saudi Arabia and Iran have long been fomenters of radical Islam and terror. One purpose of this thesis is to explain and give examples of Saudi and Iranian efforts to increase Middle Eastern instability. The other purpose of this thesis is to lay out a series of policy recommendations for the United States to consider in future relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran. The thesis takes the view that the United States must begin to hold Saudi Arabia and Iran fully accountable for their state sponsored support for terror and radical Islam. The thesis argues that Saudi Arabia and Iran will only begin to make changes in policy after the United States takes stronger political, economic and military steps towards both countries. Strong U.S. policies will demonstrate U.S. unwillingness to ignore Saudi and Iranian support for terror and radical Islam, resulting in reductions in state sponsored terror.


Saudi Arabia, Iran, Radical Islam, foreign policy, political warfare

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


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