Date of Graduation

Fall 2009


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

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Ilan Berman


The acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran would instantly be the gravest threat of the young century; and time is running out to prevent radical hardliners in Tehran from attaining such capabilities. If the status quo is unchanged, the U.S. will soon be forced to choose between accepting a nuclear-armed Iran, and striking Iran's nuclear program militarily, potentially destabilizing the region. In order to avoid this exigent quandary, the U.S. must immediately orient to a policy of pressure maximization. By applying maximum pressure in three areas of Iranian vulnerability – economic, military, and political – the regime in Tehran, not the U.S., will ultimately be forced into a strategic decision: forego nuclear weapons or face political extinction.


Iran, nuclear weapons, proliferation, Middle East, regime change

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Defense and Security Studies


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