Date of Graduation

Spring 2014


Master of Science in Education in Educational Technology


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Ching-Wen Chang


computer anxiety, computer self-efficacy, classroom technology, education, integration barriers, technical support technology, technology management

Subject Categories

Instructional Media Design


This cross-sectional, quantitative study was designed to determine whether technology support itself serves as a first-order barrier when instructors at Missouri State University create course content and practice classroom technology integration. Data were collected by administrating questionnaires to 56 faculty members in the College of Education. Results were analyzed using descriptive statistics to discuss and understand the role technology support plays in the creation and delivery of classroom instruction in college classrooms. Findings indicated that while technical support is a concern when creating course content and delivering instruction in class, it does not deter instructors from utilizing level 1 instructional technologies.


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