Date of Graduation

Summer 2015


Master of Science in Education in Special Education


Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

Committee Chair

Linda Garrison-Kane


The I-Connect self-monitoring application was utilized on a Samsung Galaxy 5.0 player with two students with autism. The thesis project was completed to study the relationship between the I-Connect self-monitoring system and on-task behavior. A single-subject ABAB withdrawal design replicated across two students was utilized to demonstrate a functional relationship between the instructional strategy and student behavior. Participant one increased on-task behavior from a baseline average of 33% to 95% during intervention. Participant two increased on-task behavior from an average of 9% to 91.2% during intervention. Participant one increased accuracy on mathematic problems from an average of 21.8% during baseline to 50.5% during intervention. Participant two increased accuracy on writing assignments from 18.8% during baseline to 63% during intervention. The use of the I-Connect self-monitoring system increased on-task behavior for two students with autism.


autism, on-task, technology, I-Connect, self-monitoring

Subject Categories

Special Education and Teaching


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