Date of Graduation

Summer 2013


Master of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness Management



Committee Chair

Melinda Novik


Theory of Reasoned Action, sedentary, physical activity, exercise, attitudes, subjective norms

Subject Categories

Health and Medical Administration


The purpose of this research was to apply the constructs of Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) to compare attitudes and subjective norms of 4 types of sedentary behaviors with physical activity levels among college students. Participants were enrolled in PSY101 or PSY121 at Missouri State University. Completed surveys were received from 95 students. A 7 day physical activity recall and items measuring attitudes and subjective norms regarding the following sedentary behaviors were administered: (1) watching television/movies, (2) studying/using a computer for academic purposes, (3) using a computer for personal use, and (4) playing/watching video games. This study continuously summed physical activity in minutes per week and multiplied groups of summed attitudes and subjective norms. Correlations were performed and a one-way ANOVA compared the means. There was a significant and direct relationship between college students' subjective norms towards studying and grand total recreational exercise as well as vigorous recreational exercise. Significant mean differences were also found between subjective norms towards studying and physical activity level. Thus, subjective norms appear to mediate college students' ability to meet the physical activity recommendations.


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